The Very Ambitious Knitting Plan

In order to successfully execute a Very Ambitious Knitting Plan, one requires a few things. Firstly, a three-day weekend with no outside-the-house plans. Secondly, a concrete goal clearly defined before the Very Ambitious Knitting begins. Thirdly, frequent breaks for resting and stretching. Finally, a Netflix subscription, preferably combined with a Wii (so that one can use one’s remote to change programs) or a very comfy chair in front of one’s computer (it’s all about minimizing travel time). I have managed to hit all points this weekend, and I’m feeling rather content with it all.

Three-day weekend: Check. It’s Memorial Day. It’s also Dan’s birthday, for which, when it does not fall on Memorial Day weekend, I always try to take a day off anyway.

Concrete goal clearly defined: Check.

1. Get honest about socks for Ravelry trade. As I don’t quite remember when I said I’d have them done, but I’m pretty sure it was right about NOW, and also seeing as how they are not for me and that makes fit even more important than usual, and especially considering that as of Saturday morning I hadn’t finished the first one yet but seemed to be running out of yarn faster than was desired, I had to do a serious assessment of fit…

Yep. Definitely too big.

…and remaining yarn.

Oh, dear.

2. Once honesty has been achieved, figure out what mods are needed and make the second sock by Monday afternoon. That means cast on, knit, kitchener, weave in ends, all before Monday afternoon.

Yes, that’s right.

3. Weave in ends on baby sweater.

Not an end a-danglin’.

4. Work on fibonacci cardigan before Monday ends, even if it’s just a bit. Get at least as far as the waist shaping.

You can’t see it, but there’s waist shaping in there.

Resting and stretching: Check.This has been a weekend for twists and eagle arms.

Netflix aplenty: Extracheck. A few Farscapes, stumbled upon a Terry Jones series we didn’t know about, and 3 or 4 Midsomer Murders (which adds up to roughly 15 deaths, almost all of them bludgeonings).

If that seems like a lot, well, it felt like a lot. But not a totally unreasonable goal for the time I had.

If you ask me, one should also stop occasionally to appreciate one’s progress, pat oneself on the back (can be done during the resting and stretching portions of your day; cowface is an excellent knitter’s pose), and play Kirby with one’s husband, but these are all optional. The first four, however, are absolute musts.

Also, don’t forget to feed the cat. She turns into a real jerk if you ignore dinner time.

8 thoughts on “The Very Ambitious Knitting Plan

    1. She’s figured out the feeding schedule, so she knows whose night it is to feed her and therefor whose stuff she should start messing with. She’s too clever.

  1. What would we all do without Netflix? Sounds like the perfect weekend, I cannot believe how much you have gotten done, such a super knitter! I definitely had a chuckle over the huge sock too.

    1. It’s always a little tricky for me to knit socks for people with larger feet than mine. It’s like I lose all sense of perspective. It seemed like a pretty safe bet to start over here, though, since her calf measurement is not, in fact, twice the circumference of my foot. I’m just trusting the math.

  2. And this is why I have a free feeder for the cats. 😛 As long as there is food in it, they’ll eat.

    Sounds like a busy weekend. I decided to take it easy and just knit some puffs.

    1. I think I just have a few more weeks of important knitting, then I can get back to my sock yarn blanket. I miss it!

      As for feeding the cat, I think “as long as there is food in it, they’ll eat” would be the problem for me. If I put any more than one meal’s worth out, an hour later she’d be all “umm…hello? Why am I out of food?”

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