They’re Like Leprechauns That Way

Any time I tell myself I’m going to do all the finishing work before taking pictures and blogging a finished project, it’s practically a guarantee that project won’t end up on the blog, so I try to just grab at least one picture as soon as something’s done so that I have something to blog about. If I leave it too long, the whole idea of blogging disappears, and then sometime the project itself disappears in one way or another. After I weave in all the ends, wash, block, etc., sometimes the thought of modeling and sorting though pictures for the best ones and editing photos and such is just too much. Sometimes it doesn’t fit in my schedule to even do the proper photo shoot deal in the first place. Sometimes the item is a gift and there just isn’t an appropriate time to get finished photos before it’s given. (Ask me to tell you sometime about the just plan adorable Sophie I knit last year. I don’t think I ever even mentioned it here.) Sometimes I just don’t want to lose the finishing momentum so I just grab a few pictures wherever I happen to be — sometimes I pluck all the cat hair off the knitting, sometimes not — and move on to the next project.

Sometimes I knit socks and they’re socks so I don’t really even care that much about finishing beyond weaving in the ends.


I’m calling these A Little Something on the Side. Two-by-two ribbing for the cuff with a one-by-one ribbed section running down either side. I continued the one-by-one rib down the heel flap and the toe, as well.

Yarn: Ellen’s Half-Pint Farm Merino Sock, colorway Muddy Waters
Needles: 2 mm Karbonz DPNs
Started: July 1, 2013. These were my “must keep distracted by something purdy during the horrible moving week” project.
Finished: June 17, 2014. This has been the kind of year where taking a year to finish something as quick as a mostly plain pair of socks feels just about right.

But look at that – I finished these over a month ago, took a picture immediately, and they STILL almost didn’t make it onto the blog! These knitted things are tricky little bastards, I tell you.


That finishing momentum is an amazing thing when you find it, though. Because, looky here, it’s another actual pair of finished socks! (Photographed a few minutes after I finished them, at the laundromat, and before I bothered pulling any of the cat hair off.)



Pattern: None. Just a pair of basic toe-ups with gusset heel, two-by-two ribbing at the cuff and Jenny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off to finish.Yarn: Kroy Socks Stripes in colorway 55616 Mulberry Stripes
Needles: 2 mm Karbonz DPNs
Started: Um…some time before March 15, which is when I showed you the yarn and said I’d already knit a whole sock with it.
Finished: July 17, 2014

Overall, another lovely Kroy experience, though these two balls did have a few knots in them. You can see one of them right in the middle of the cuff, even. Also you can see how I don’t bother cutting knots out of sock yarn. I’ve never run into knots with Kroy before and I’m never that worried about my socks matching, so I’m not really that bothered by it.


Now it’s time to let that finishing momentum propel me through the second sleeve of Common Ground. Some cat whose name I will not mention yanked all the needles out of that sleeve the other day and some stupid knitter whose name also will not be spoken here decided to pick the sweater up by the working yarn for some reason yesterday, so, well, there’s a bit of fixing to do before the finishing can begin. But it’s all too painful. Let’s not speak of it again

6 thoughts on “They’re Like Leprechauns That Way

  1. I love the Kroy Socks Stripes & the color! One of these days, I’ll attempt to make a pair. But with a sister whom is pretty much a sock master, the delay is ongoing.

    1. Oh, if I had a knitted sock supplier I might be less likely to knit so many myself as well! I bet it’s like when someone makes you dinner when you usually do it yourself and it’s the most delicious thing in the world.

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