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It’s that time of year again. A tough time for knitting bloggers in the grayer corners of the world because when/how is one supposed to take a decent picture, exactly? And it’s a tough time of year for the gift-knitting blogger because if I tell too much here before the 25th some Xmas surprises may be ruined. Finally, it’s a tough time of year for the knitting blogger who likes to post regularly because not being able to take decent pictures or share too many details leads to itchy fingers and bottled-up thoughts. Well, I, for one, am tired of it. So, I will tell you what I can and hope you forgive the many redactions. Maybe we could make a game out of it, see if I’ve given enough clues below that you can guess what each item is? Or maybe not. I’ll leave that up to you.

I am making [something that adorns some part of the upper body] for [someone] out of Knit Picks Palette in Cotton Candy on 2.5 mm needles. I’m using a stitch pattern from Reversible Knitting that’s working up quickly despite the tiny yarn/tiny needles combo. The pattern was easy to memorize and the knitting is very easy to read so I’ve been able to set aside the book and use this as my portable knitting. I am knitting it flat but it will not be flat when it is finished and there is a reason I have chosen to do it that way. I am very much looking forward to blocking and finishing this.

I am making [something practical] for [someone else] out of Knit Picks Swish Bulky in Fedora and Douglas Fir. I’m knitting to a tight gauge on 4 mm needles using a pattern of my own design which I’ve knit several times before and which I think I almost have perfected. I’m kind of tearing through this one and expect it to be done tonight or tomorrow. I need to go through the button jar to find 2 suitable matching buttons, then make a decision on how exactly to knit the last pieces (since I’m working with 2 colors, I don’t think my usual approach will work for this one). There will be a lot of ends to weave in when I am done.

I am making [something to keep a third someone warm] out of Vanna’s Choice held double and Berroco Peruvia Quick. Thick needles, thick yarn, easy pattern. Not sure how I’ll wash and block this, since I’m mixing wool and acrylic, but I will figure something out. It’s possible I’ve said too much about this one as a piece of it has already appeared on the blog (though I won’t say when).

In non-Xmas secret knitting, I am making [a home accessory] for [yet another person I know]. This one has a kind of tricky plan that, for reasons which I have, means I can only knit it in front of my computer. I’ve been plugging away at it for a few months and expect it will be a few months more before it’s done. It’s turning out just like I hoped, though, which keeps me plugging away. I’m using Elsebeth Lavold Bambouclé. This yarn combined with super-pointy Knit Picks Harmony needles isn’t ideal (splitty!) but as long as I pay a little more attention than I normally would when all I’m knitting is garter stitch we’re getting along just fine. I am not looking forward to weaving in these ends, though. I suspect they will have a tendency to undo themselves and the construction on this one makes ends a big part of the project.

That’s all I can tell you for now, folks. I hope I finish some of this up quickly so I can pull out some non-secret stuff and give you proper updates soon. Until then, I hope you understand the need for secrecy and I wish you all the best of luck if you’re in the same boat. Someday soon we will be able to show our knitting to the world again!

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