What I Did & What I Got #3

Oh, the week when the CSA share starts containing more things that aren’t leafy greens is a wonderful week indeed! But before I get to all that:

What I Did With Week 3:

My ability to remember what I’ve been cooking has left me this week. I do know there was kohlrabi curry, steamed collards & peas, various egg dishes and baked goods, various greens cooked up with white beans and feta and served over polenta with fresh herbs, and possibly other things which have slipped my mind.

Still left from week 3: bok choy, turnips, some collard greens & kale.

What I Got Week 4:

Peas, potatoes, tat soi, swiss chard, bok choy, turnips, beets, broccoli.

I have big plans for all of this. I need to get a lot of the greens chopped up and into some sort of quiche or baked dish, something that freezes well. We’re getting a bit greened out and I don’t want them to go to waste. I should do up a jar of pickled bok choy, too.

And what is happening with the yarns, you ask?

I’ve been working on Kristi quite a bit this week. I think Solemate may just be the perfect yarn to knit with in summer. I should get some pictures but all our rooms that don’t have someone sleeping in them right now have light bulbs that have burnt out and I don’t feel like going out on the porch at the moment. I promise an all-knitting-all-the-time post any day now.

7 thoughts on “What I Did & What I Got #3

  1. Such a fantastic crop! CSA’s are proof to me that good still exists in this world. I can only imagine the kinds of yummy things you could make with that lovely order!

    1. Both farms I’ve been involved with are run by just the loveliest people, and my friends who’ve joined up with other farms seem to be having the same experience. I’m totally won over to the CSA concept and wish I could shop for everything this way.

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