What I Did & What I Got #6

What I Did With Week 5:

Thursday: Pizza with fennel, pepper, garlic, and some herbs from the window boxes.

Friday: Zucchini fritters and steamed green beans.

Saturday: Breakfast for dinner (scrambled eggs, fried potatoes with thyme, tat soi sauteed with garlic).

Sunday: Crispy rice cakes with zucchini cleverly hidden inside.

Monday: I used the last bell pepper from the share in some beans with chipotle in adobo served over rice with cheese and sour cream.

Tuesday: An attempted curry containing kohlrabi, kohlrabi greens, and peas. Not my best effort. Having trouble getting the spice blend right these days.

Wednesday: I don’t remember but I think it involved a salad.

Still left from week 5: zucchini, kale, kohlrabi, kohlrabi greens, fennel.

What I Got Week 6:

White and red onions, cubanelle peppers, eggs, fennel, escarole, cabbage, green beans, squash, cucumbers.

This was extradoublesupershare week. A friend from work who has a share at the same farm is out of town so she offered her share to me. Seeing as we are out of the leafy green wilderness of the early weeks, I was happy to accept. We are right in the middle of the Stuff I Can Do Stuff With. Expect tales of many soups and pizzas next week.

As has become my wont, I’ve been taking part in the CSA link party hosted by In Her Chucks. I lurve it. Tons of great ideas every week on what to do with your CSA bounty. You all should check it out.

7 thoughts on “What I Did & What I Got #6

    1. That’s one of my favorite recipes! We’re not huge squash fans in this house and summer is just overflowing with squash now that we’ve joined the CSA. I’ll try anything I can find to make it less like just eating wilty sauteed zucchini.

        1. Yes, and I’ve just found the solution to escarole, too! I’ve cooked it 3 or 4 different ways and every time thought it was just too bitter. Then I tried it raw in a salad – problem solved! I don’t have to leave it behind at the pick-up anymore.

    1. It’s how I taught myself to love fennel last year. I vowed to try everything the CSA threw at me, but I’ve never been a fan of anything licorice flavored, so I was a little wary of fennel when it first popped up. But that first pizza totally had me hooked.

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