What I’ve Been Up To

Finishing the socks-for-trade.

Pattern: OppAtt by Jeannie Cartmel
Yarn: Barking Dog Opposites Attract, which is a very cool yarn, in Antony & Cleopatra
Started: May 2012
Finished: June 5, 2012

 Making fantastic dinners now that the Summer CSA has started.

spigariello, swiss chard, escarole

bok choy, broccoli, radishes,lettuce, turnips, spring garlic (buried under everything else), a dozen eggs (couldn’t fit ’em in the picture, but they’re there)

Spending several minutes a day just staring at my plants. Occasionally not watering them enough. Probably watering them too much at other times. Wondering what that first lemon will taste like.

Working on a secret project and working up a strong desire to go back to Kristi for next weekend’s marathon knitting session project. (The OppAtts got me all cabled sock-happy.)

And, just now, finishing up a giant cup of cocoa with marshmallows bigger than my head. Which means any second now crashing hard.

8 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Up To

    1. It’s a great pattern – very easy to memorize and just enough texture to be interesting while not distracting from the yarn. I need to get me some of this yarn to make my own pair one of these days.

  1. Those socks are a lot of fun. The yarn really makes them. I’m glad you didn’t go with a more complex pattern. It would have gotten in the way.

    1. It was either these or just a simple ribbed or stockinette pair. But this pattern was actually written for this yarn, and I think it’s just perfect for it.

    1. Well, it was an “I’ll knit you socks in your yarn” barter offer, so I knew from the start that the socks and I would not remain together. I got a really beautiful skein of Wollmeise out of the deal though, so it’s hard to be too sad.

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