What My Saturday Looks Like

There are 2 projects under that cat.

I’m getting into this weekend thing. Slept late this morning (late for me being around 7:30 these days), no trace of a migraine when I woke up, and I did not immediately run around doing once I was out of bed. I made breakfast, hung out at my computer for a bit, then just knit and chatted with my husband and a friend we had over for a few hours. In fact, the only chore I’ve done today is vacuum because with my cat there’s really no skipping a day. I’m only even wearing going-outside pants because it’s chilly in my apartment, it’s not time to turn on the heat yet, and anyway my hand-knit socks really look better with jeans than with yoga pants. I think it may be a City of Heroes sort of afternoon.

Projects from the last post are all still in progress, so there isn’t much exciting knitting to show right now. I’ve just started the sleeves on the baby jean jacket. I’m planning on spending the most time on that and the Widening Garter cowl this weekend, with some time taken out to start the 2nd Damned Handsome sock. My wrist is being nice to me right now, too, so before I do any of that I might take my cup of tea and try some more crochet on the Giant-Size Man-Sweater.

In spinning news, I’ve decided I need either a very light top-whorl spindle to start spinning lace or fingering weight, or I need a spinning wheel. Possibly both.  For now I’ll just have to be satisfied spinning thicker with my bottom-whorl. It’s a tragedy, really.

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