Where We Are at at the End of the Year

(Well, it’s not the end of the end of the year anymore, I know. It’s the beginning of the year. I started this post yesterday, then I had some errands to run, then I set the oven on fire and burnt dinner – two separate incidents, by the way – and then it was late and I was tired and Dan says he woke me up at midnight and I wished him a happy new year but I seriously have no recollection of it, so. Here we are on January 1.)

I got my yearly wrap-up e-mail from the old blog (none for the new site, so I’m guessing it’s not something Word Press does for self-hosted blogs? ah, well) and thought I’d share some highlights with you here rather than there.

I got 2700 views at the old blog in 2012, plus another 207 here. 54 posts there and 8 here, which means I’ve kept up my 5 posts/month average for another year. I blogged about 14 finished projects , but my Ravelry projects page shows 14 completed this year including 2 I haven’t blogged about, so something’s off there but I don’t know what. (Also, that’s a terrible average and I need to finish more things in 2013.)

My busiest day was the day I launched the internet yard sale. Have you checked out the internet yard sale? It’s where I keep a running list of things I need to find a new home for. In fact, that reminds me I’ve got a few things to add in the near future, as well. Must get on that.

My most-viewed post of the year was the one I wrote about my Essure procedure. Did you know I want so fervently never to have children that I paid good money to have metal coils inserted into my fallopian tubes, there to scar over, ensuring virtually no possibility of pregnancy for me? Well, I do and I did! And you can read all about it here. (Well, not all about it. I haven’t actually written a detailed what-it-was-like-when-they-put-the-metal-coils-up-my-business post. But let me know if there is demand, internet, because I will tell you about it.)

My next most popular posts were about sweaters, one that came out just right and one that still needs a little work. Even now, almost a year later, Francis Revisited still needs a little work. Someday, someday. You know how it goes.

Fourth in line was a post about how much I dislike plying on a spindle. From the comments I received on that post, I found out I’m not the only one. That was quite comforting. Looking back at that post reminds me that I haven’t made much spinning progress at all this year. One of my 2012 goals was to spin more often. At the beginning of the year I did but I think working towards that goal had the opposite effect of what I was hoping for. The more I spun the more I realized my heart wasn’t in it. I got about halfway through some really beautiful fiber that I very much want to make socks out of, but I haven’t been able to make myself finish it. I’d still like to push through to the end of that fiber and another braid I have, but I kind of feel like that might be it for me and spinning. I might feel differently if I had a wheel, but it’s going to be years and years before I can afford one, so for now I think it might be time to set aside the spindle, thank it for the experience, and recommit to the knitting needles I was in love with all along.

The last of my top posts of the year was this one about my Aquaphobia Socks. I was so happy to finally finish them after sooooo long knitting them that I took a million pictures and stared at my socks all day long.

My top commenters for 2012 were Lisa from Wickedly Artsy, Ivy from Pumpkin Spins and Michelle from Tres Bien Ensemble. Go check them out – lovely ladies, all of them.

And that’s it for 2012, except for one more project I managed to squeeze in over the weekend. This brings my blogged total to 15, but Ravelry still says 14 but 1 wasn’t on the blog so I guess that’s 16 things I knit this year? Let’s say 16.

Pattern: Options Slippers for Women by Kris Basta (Now, I just have to say, nothing against this pattern or its creator, but there’s a “crisis pregnancy center” near me called Options for Women and I shudder every time I drive past it. So there was a small squick reaction in the back of my head that I had to get over before buying this pattern. It was worth it, is all I’m saying. You should buy this pattern.)
Needles: 4 mm
Hook: Yes, hook. I chose the crochet seaming option and seamed these with a round of single crochet on an I hook. The doubled yarn and the garter stitch and stockinette going at each other at all different angles made me not too keen on sewing the seams. I wasn’t sure I’d get the needle in the right place. Luckily there’s all kinds of fudging possible with a crochet hook. I think I pulled it off.
Yarn: Patons Classic Wool in Paprika, about 245 yds
Size: Small
Started: December 29, 2012
Finished: December 30, 2012

These were so quick and easy I will definitely be making more and I think this pattern is getting added to my gift knitting repertoire. In any case, I’m calling this one down, 348 to go.

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful 2012 but regardless I hope you all have a better 2013. I’m certainly planning to. I’m at least planning to knit 17 things. Seriously. 16 is shameful. There’s just no excuse.

6 thoughts on “Where We Are at at the End of the Year

  1. It’s so fun when they send the stats out! I think you’re right, self-hosted WordPress blogs don’t get them. I got one for my old blog only. Slippers are so cute!

    1. Thanks, I really love these slippers. I’ve barely taken them off – I must knit more!

      And I guess I’ll just have to collect up all my own stats next year. I really like the little report they send out, though.

  2. Happy New Year! I am wondering if there will be a future blog post about the burnt dinner and the oven fire. 🙂

    Congrats on your finished objects for 2012. Sixteen is a respectable number of finished items. I’m quite sure I have sixteen unfinished projects still on my needles, which is a disgrace.

    1. I probably have 16 unfinished things too, I bet. I’m pretty happy with everything I made this year, but I do feel like I could have produced more items. I’m planning some fun stuff for 2013, though, and I bet I’ll beat last year’s total.

      I may have to share some more details on the oven situation. It was a whole series of me not paying attention to things. I think it started about a week earlier when I made chicken pot pie. That’s the only thing I can think of that could have spilled over that much onto the oven floor. I don’t know how I missed it, though.

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