Why I Love Thursdays

Three Thursdays ago:

This became baba ganoush, kohlrabi and potato gratin, and 2 jars of basil preserved in salt (really, how much pesto does a girl need in the freezer?), among other things.

Two Thursdays ago:

This became spinach, squash, and potato soup; eggplant parm with fresh tomato sauce (and some of the preserved basil we spoke of earlier); a jar of pickled cucumber and kohlrabi; and I know I did something delicious with the beans, but it was clearly so bliss-inducing my brain wasn’t able to hold onto it for long.

This past Thursday:

There’s more kohlrabi, and more cucumbers than I need. We haven’t gotten through last week’s pickles and since I don’t do the true canning thing, I can only put up so much in the fridge before I’m just planning to waste it in a few weeks instead of today.  I’m thinking maybe a cold cucumber soup. Not sure about the kohlrabi. I find pickling it is my favorite thing to do, since cooking it doesn’t seem to get rid of the woody texture it can have. A gratin is lovely until you find sticks in it. Some of the eggplant, peppers, and onions were broiled and served over rice with cuminy yogurt. There might be more of that happening tonight, in fact. I’ve got approximately 7,000 eggplant still to go.

This week the farm also had a special meat offer from another local farm – ham steak, pork chops, and 3 kinds of sausage (breakfast, hot Italian, and sweet Italian). I split the order with a friend and had to thaw most of it to be able to split it, so before I can get anything back in the freezer it needs to be cooked. This means I’m having a Saturday. of. sausages. Well, it started Friday night, with breakfast for dinner – sausage patties and fried potatoes and orange juice and ohmygod one bite of one sausage alone was worth the $27 I paid for all the meat. The tomatoes went into a meat sauce with the hot sausage, and the sweet sausage is in the Crock-Pot becoming sausage, bean, and kale stew.

That’s about as much big cooking as I’m worrying about this weekend, though I will try to make a double batch of cinnamon rolls tomorrow. (We’re going through them rather quickly these days.) I love cookcookcooking a full day on the weekend, but I’ve been bordering on overdoing it the last few weeks, and next weekend we’ll be away for a few days, so I’m trying to actually relax a bit today and tomorrow.

In knitting news, I’m about a third of the way through the second sleeve on Aidez. There’s just nothing terribly exciting about it at the moment, so no new pictures. I’m hoping by the end of the week I’ll have it all joined up and ready for the yoke. I need to start thinking about next week’s car knitting, too. Can’t read charts in the car, no sir. (Also, note to self: get some of those ginger pills Mythbusters said actually worked. And hope they’re right.) The CTH ribbed socks would be appropriate, since I started the first one on our last trip to the same place, but if I didn’t finish during the trip, would that mean another year and a half before I could pick them up again? Decisions, decisions.

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