Why I Recommend Yoga to Knitters

Sometimes you need to take a picture of the bottom of your feet when there’s no one around to help.

Well, it finally happened. I finished the Aquaphobias. And I lurve them.

I lurve their tops.

And I lurve their sides.

Pattern: Aquaphobia Socks by Crystal Flanagan
Yarn: Ivy Brambles Sockscene Fingering Weight, color The Basin (Franconia)
Started: February 9, 2012
Finished: April 1, 2012
Mods: I shortened the leg from 20 pattern repeats to 17. I continued the slip-stitch pattern on the sole rather than working it in stockinette because (1) it’s prettier and (2) I wanted to avoid the sole wearing out right away while the rest of the sock still had a few years left in it. And I worked a Dutch heel because I had just read about them and they sounded cool.

They look cool, too, even if my sloppy-stitch side is more pronounced than on my usual heel.

At 4 pairs and 13 weeks into the year, I’m doing alright on my pair/3 weeks average. I just hope the next pair doesn’t give me attitude. I think I’ll make some yoga socks next. Those look easy. Very short, no heels, no toes. No attitude.

Not that I ever really mind the attitude once the socks are done.

Who could be mad at these socks?

18 thoughts on “Why I Recommend Yoga to Knitters

  1. Oh wow, those are some lovely socks! Heehee, I’ve been forced to do the awkward “take a picture of your own feet” kind of picture lately too. But it doesn’t matter, you have certainly managed to capture these lovely socks well. Also, the idea of continuing in slip stitch is REVOLUTIONARY for me. So simple, but so great! I’m kicking myself for not having picked up on it sooner.

    1. I think I might try a slipped-stitch sole again, even just on some plain stockinette socks. Two of my favorite pairs have worn through in the last few months and that’s just the worst feeling. I’m wondering if this would be an easy way to reinforce the soles and help them last longer.

  2. These socks are amazing, you are right, who could be mad at them? I think this is one of the nicest pairs I’ve seen completed by someone in a long time, I just love the colors!

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