For Someone Who Doesn’t Sew, I Have An Awful Lot Of Fabric

For serious.

For serious.


I pulled the fabric vats out of the basement last night for a little photo shoot. I’m working out a trade with someone on the Ravelry boards and my offer includes her choice of my quilting fabrics. The quilting fabric is just what’s out on the floor here, by the way (and there’s another stack behind what’s visible); all the stuff in the bins is velvet, fleece, thicker woven stuff that looks like it’s for clothes. And then about a mile and a half of that black and white striped jersey sort of stuff in the bottom right that I can only imagine being used for some kind of old-timey prison dress up theme party.

Every time I pull this stuff out and sort through it, I realize I’d forgotten how much there is. The smallest bin you see there (top left) is 66 quarts and even when this is all packed away neatly, each of those bins is still filled right up to the top. I inherited this from my grandmother and I think it shows that I inherited my craft buying philosophy from her as well. I just apply it to a different set of materials, but the basics are the same: know what you like and buy a lot of it; always buy at least one extra unit so you’ll have leftovers; if it’s in your favorite color, who cares if you have tons more of almost the same thing at home?

(About that last one – there are several shades of pink in here that I think might be the same but I’m not really sure because they’re so close. This was the same way she bought nail polish too – always looking for the perfect shade of pink and never finding it.)

Ah, well. Soon at least a bit of this will be making its merry way towards someone who knows what to do with it and will put it to good use (and I’ll have a nice warm wool coat coming back my way for this winter!). A few more deals like this one and maybe I’ll have a whole new empty bin to start filling with yarn (’cause I always buy an extra skein just in case).

4 thoughts on “For Someone Who Doesn’t Sew, I Have An Awful Lot Of Fabric

  1. Zoe’s in the picture, is she up for grabs as well? I call dibs!

    Is that a red and white stripe I see on top of the smaller right pile? I am on the lookout for Christmas-vibe fabric.

  2. Zoe, sadly, is not up for grabs. She is just included for scale. But, yes, all kinds of red & white stripe. And some more obviously Xmasy stuff too! Oh, you must come shopping soon.

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