Year-End Wrap-Up

So, all the Xmas and New Year’s celebrations are over, my vacation is almost over, and it’s time to start another year. From a yarny point of view, starting another year for me means starting another yearly goal.

Two years ago, it was a pair of socks a month, which I didn’t quite make.

Last year, it was a sweater every two months, which I also didn’t make. I started with this list in mind:

Drops 103 became Aidez instead. Owls flew off the needles in one weekend. Bonny is still queued, but (1) I don’t have the book with the pattern and (2) now that Knit Picks has come out with Aloft I may wait to get some of that and save the Felted Tweed for something else. I have 4-5″ of Plain and Simple done. Winding Path has been set aside until I find a yarn I like better. Apocalypta is definitely looming on the horizon, I just haven’t gotten to it yet. Francis Revisited, which was not in the original plan, still just needs sleeves. And there was the almost finished sweater I got in a bag of yarn from a coworker that I finished up. So, that’s 3 sweaters finished. Call it 3.75 including the progress made on Francis Revisited and Plain and Simple.

As I’ve said before, I don’t set these goals with the thought that if I don’t accomplish them it will be a failure. I set them just to keep me motivated to work on certain projects regularly. It’s one of the few ways I ever get things done, since sometimes I feel like my real hobby isn’t so much knitting as it is starting new projects. So, when I set a goal to knit a pair of socks a month, I ended up trying to work on some socks every month, and I ended up with several new pairs of socks. Setting a goal of knitting a sweater every 2 months served as a reminder to pick up a sweater and work on it for a bit now and then, and I ended up with 3 new wearable sweaters. So, there you go: success.

For 2012, I think it will be back to socks, but I’m going to speed things up a bit and try for a pair every 3 weeks. Some of my favorite hand knit pairs have worn through (side goal for 2012: learn to darn) so the sock drawer needs refreshing. I also want to try to spin more often, but that’s as much of a goal as I’m setting there. I just want to remember to spin sometimes. And I want to finish Francis Revisited and Plain and Simple before I start another sweater.

In other yearly wrap-up news, I published 59 posts this year, keeping up my roughly 5 posts/month average, and blogged about 25 finished projects.

Here’s the 26th:

Pattern: None yet. I made it up as I went, but it gave me ideas, so stay tuned.
Yarn: KPM & KPPPM left over from these mitts
Needles: 2.75 mm KP Harmony 40″ circular
Started & Completed: December 2011

These were an Xmas present for my sister and took care of one more item from the AKB. Not much more progress was made on the AKB over vacation, since we got a Wii for Xmas and so there has been so much Mario about the place. However, there was Xmas yarn, so I’m definitely committed to the idea of working on AKB stuff so I can clear the way for the Xmas yarn knitting.

ETA properly modeled finished shot of the hat and mitts on their recipient now that Dan’s awake to work his Photoshop magic for me (AT&Ticus takes dark indoor pictures).

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